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We get lots of requestes for bookings some we can help out with but to save disappointment please book early as you can.

If you are not sure where we are gigging next, check out the shows page and you can come and speak to us in person.

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Want a great Band for your event?

then look no further than The Official Receivers!These professional entertainers know how to work the audience and keep them enthralled to the end no matter how big or small the audience. The Official Receivers should alway be the first choice for quality entertainment to satisfy your event requirements. From Festivals, Weddings and Corporate functions. There is no need to look any further

Stage Requirments

As we are a 7 piece band we need a staging area of approx: 15 ft (5metres) x 9 ft (4Metres) if possible but the larger the better (we will play on the floor if absolutely necessary but its not ideal as it inhibits viewing).

We will require an adequate sized  dressing room big enough for 7 burly men (Not A Toilet)

Due to early arrival, set up and performance times it is difficult to arrange food so a light snack would be very much appreciated.

Any worries or concerns about booking the band just call us and we can work times and any other situation around the playing times.

Playing times are usually  1st set 45 mins and 2nd set aprox 1 hour but we can perform a 1 set concert of approx 1h 15mins if required.

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