The Official Receivers are now in their 28th year. None of us thought it would be a band that would stay the test of time. Originally getting together 'for a bit of fun'.... but as things generally do, it quickly became a beast that couldn't be contained. The band was formed in 1991 and formed out of two bands, Resurrection and the Millhouse Blues band.
The Receivers (as they we were called then) did a few low profile gigs only to find there was another band on the midlands circuit called the Receivers, So we changed our name to the Official Receivers. A very apt name at the time as a lot of businesses were going into receivership.
The band recorded their first album back in 1993 called 'Received with Thanks'. It was followed up with our 1996 CD 'Are You Receiving Us?'. The bands line up changed in 1997 but they carried on flying the flag for the Atlantic and Stax sound. Fronted by a new singer, Lee Bench, they released their third ablum, just called 'Live' in 2000, which was recorded at the Marrs Bar in Worcester, with the new line up. After a few years with this line up, the band reformed again in 2004 that featured original front man/vocalist Lenny Moss, and continued to do lots of shows and even starting some recordings sessions in 2008 and again in 2010 that have not been released as yet. There are more recordings in the pipe line but they have yet to surface. So keep your eyes peeled for a new CD of classic Soul tracks. Currently the band are still gigging and and still loving what they do. In and around the Midlands,  and among the music fraternity, the Brand name 'Official Receivers' is name that has been around for many years and anyone who knows it, knows the band and what we do. It is the band that takes you back to the 'hey day' of good memorable Soul Music. 
We have spent many happy Years on the road and would like to put out a huge 'thank you!' to all of you who have supported us so well over the years. You know who you are!!
Lots of personnel changes over last 28 years and members have come and gone, but we have still managed to stay strong and carry on flying the 'Official Receivers' Flag. Pioneering the Stax and Atlantic Soul sound we are known for.
We love what we do, our music and our audience - are an unbeatable combination.
Whether you're into Soul, or just having a good time, this band is a must for your event!
We hope you enjoy our New site and we look forward to seeing you at our next gig. Dont Forget......tell or bring a friend.
A Final Chapter
Even though we are calling it a day in December 2019 it has been an honour and a privilege to play for you and even though the line ups have changed founder member Phil has always run a steady band that has always delivered to our audiences the best we could play in the classics Soul of the Atlantic and Stax sounds. So it it is now time to say farewell and hope you have enjoyed coming to the shows and meeting the band over the years.
All good things must come to an end sometimes.